Thursday, December 31, 2009

Computer Issues& Modifications.

For the past two and a half weeks I have not been able to post any of my progress because the hard drive of my laptop has been corrupt, thanks to a virus.

I have begun writing my write-up and am half way done. I will be finishing my first draft in the first days of the new year. The changes to my draft will be made during the focus days (January 4th - January 5th). I will have many people read through it, to ensure there are no mistakes made.

I have made changes to my intial 'product' idea. I was planning on making a scrapbook of my time at the Hippotherapie Zentrumm, including photos of children and horses. I was not able to attend therapy sessions because of my time limitations and privacy rules. Instead, I am going to follow through with my scrapbook plans, with a few modifications:

- I am going to include phots of the horses I work with at the Hippotherapie Zentrum, with an explaination of their temperments, which contribute to a successful therapy program

- I will have pages explaining different things about therapeutic riding with illustrations where necessary

- There will be a couple pages explaining Hippotherapy, since it's a little different than just basic therapeutic riding

- I'm going to be putting a lot of effort into the presentation of my scrapbook aswell as my write-up, of course

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  1. I look forward to reading about your work, especially about the horses and their temperaments. good luck.