Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time Line Progress.

My Timeline

-Topic selection
-Finish research this week. (week of November 16th)
-Have my plan done by the end of November.
-Star volunteering by December 5th 2009.
-Detailed outline done by December 7th 2009 (handed in), starting to write the draft.

-Starting to put my scrapbook together, January 2nd.
-Draft handed into Mr. Geraets just before ski camp, Jan. 6th .

-Changes made after ski camp, Jan. 10th.
-Good copy of the essay &possibly the product finished, Jan. 17th.
-Project Exhibition evening, Jan. 19th.
-Final date for submission of completed project and process journal, Jan. 25th.
-Internal Moderation of project and interviews, February 11-19th 2010.

Orange has been completed,
Blue is still to be done.

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