Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pictures of the Horses.

After finishing my barn chores, I took pictures of all the horses at Hippotherapie Zentrum. I will be using these pictures in my scrapbook and include a summary of the horses. ie. what breed, what they are used for (if there is a specific thing) etc... I also took pictures of the ramps used to help disabled riders mount, tools used during therapy sessions and the centre's sign.

I was not permitted to take pictures of the sessions, to my disappointment, so I will be using pictures off the Internet and referencing them in my bibliography etc.. By using most of my own pictures in my product, it will make my referencing much easier when I need to put my bibliography together.
I have started putting together my scrapbook, right on time, according to my timeline. I'm planing on having it done just before the exhibition night. I am looking forward to making the scrapbook, because I love doing crafty things like scrapbooking.

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