Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal Project Foucus Day 1.

I am in the middle of my first focus day. We are in Pi for the whole day working on our projects. At the moment I am putting the finishing touches onto my write-up. I will have my draft finished by Tuesday afternoon and will hand in a hard copy to my supervisor as well as an electronic copy sent.

I will be working on my product tonight. I will hopefully have it done very soon. The exhibition night is on January 19th and I have just finished booking my display board. After the exhibition I will be writing a brief section about it in my analysis.

I had Amber translate some of the pages that were in the packet Sonja gave me. I found them very helpful for the blurb I will be writing about Hippotherapie Zentrum. One of the pages talked about when the center was established as well as who it was established by. These are the type of things that I was looking for to include in my scrapbook.

Tomorrow I will be bringing in the things I am using to make my scrapbook as well as my computer. I will be using my time very wisely tomorrow, since my finished draft needs to be handed into my supervisor in the afternoon tomorrow.

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