Wednesday, January 20, 2010


With the majority of my project done, I've decided to reflect on the things I did/ learnt while completing this assignment.

Something that was very hard for me during my assignment was not making the horses the focus of my project. Since my goal didn't directly mention horses, I wasn't able to include as much about the horses as I would have liked. My scrapbook included pictures and a discription of the horses at Hippotherapie Zentrum, but in my report I could barely include them.
If I could do something differently, I would have chosen a topic that included horses more. I had a lot of problems going back to my write up and cutting parts out because it wasn't linked to my AoI or the goal.

What I learnt
This project has enabled me to learn so much about therapeutic riding and what it does. Before the personal project, I barely knew anything about riding being used as therapy. By volunteering at Hippotherapie Zentrum I feel that I have gained even more knowledge. This knowledge isn't linked to my assignment, but to horse-sense. I have learned what is involved in taking care of horses and that is invaluable to me. I have also been able to learn more about how horses interact with each other.
From the research I have obviously learnt a lot too. The different types of therapeutic riding and the associations that represent the therapy in each country. I feel that the 'hands-on' aspect of working at Hippotherapie Zentrum has helped the most though. I learn better by doing and obvserving rather than just reading or being told.

Time Management
One of the bigger things I have learnt from doing this project is deffinately the importance of managing your time. During the different stages of my project I didn't manage my time effectivly enough. At times I found myself scrambling to finish parts and it left me with a horrible feeling. If I had made an even more detailed timeplan I feel that I would have been more organised during my assignment. I will deffinatly take that into consideration next year when I do my extended essay.

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