Monday, November 16, 2009

Personal Project Meeting.

Health and Social Education is so much "more than simply being healthy by reducing stress and getting more sleep." [1] It encompasses everything that is tied into your mental, social, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Summary of the Meeting

Some important things my supervisor and I talked about:
  • How long Hippotherapy has been around for.
  • Why hippo? (Hippo is Greek for Horse)
  • Is Therapeutic horseback riding a recognized form of treatment?
  • Does insurance cover the cost?
  • Getting in touch with centres to volunteer at.
  • Having time to make a product for the exhibition in January.

My Timeline

-Finish research this week.

-Have my plan done by the end of November.

-Detailed outline done by December 7th 2009, starting to write the draft.

-Draft handed into Mr. Geraets just before ski camp, January 5th 2010.

-Changes made after ski camp, January 10th 2010.

-Good copy of the essay &possibly the product finished, January 17th 2010.

-Project Exhibition evening, January 19th 2010.

-Final date for submission of completed project and process journal, January 25th 2010.

-Internal Moderation of project and interviews, February 11-19th 2010.

[1] Mr. Geraets, Monday November 16th, 2009. During our meeting.

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