Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Workshop, Goals & Phone call.

Today, during lesson nine was the first half of the Personal Project Report writing workshop. Here is a summary of what Mr. Geraets talked about:

  • The write up needs to have everything I understand & what I've learned during the project
  • The examiner needs to see that I understand my AoI
  • Do NOT call it a Personal Statement or Write-up
  • The detailed outline is due by December 4th 2009 to my supervisor
  • The outline needs to show where I am going to go with my essay
  • Before I start writing, I need to be sure of the criteria

  • Enquiry: What effect does the research have? What impact?
  • Action: What steps did I take as a result of my research?
  • Reflection: What could I have changed? Be honest about any mistakes made
  • Fully understand Health & Social education

  • Don't use stupid fonts on the title page, table of content, etc...
  • Images used should be relevant to the topic and not violate copyright

  • Always talk about how the AoI relates to the topic/product
  • The introduction should state the goal, and not the process
  • Examiners ask for more emphasis on the goal
  • The introduction is marked on Criteria A and tells the reader weather or not the essay is going to be good

My Goal.

I have thought hard about making a goal for myself. The goal given us today at the workshop was to get a 7 on the project. I have set my goal one point higher, at an 8. I think that I will be able to reach my goal as long as I stick to my timeline and use my time very wisely.

Phone Call.

I called the Hippotherapie Zentrum again today. The seceratary didn't ever send me the list of therapists. I asked them if they could kindly send it as soon as possible. It's very important that I get to observe a couple sessions before the Winter break. What I learn from the therapists and patients are a massive and extremely important aspect of my essay. I think that having a thorough understanding and experience about hippotherapie will set me apart from all the other projects.

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