Friday, November 6, 2009

The Seach Continues.

Today, I went to IBS's library in search of information regarding my topic. The only thing I found was a small section about horses. In one book called "Animal Helpers" there was a small section about miniature horses & how they are used as guides for the blind. Other than that, there was nothing. I thought our library would have something about different therapies to go along with the endless amount of science, health and well being related sections. The librarian was very helpful though. I wrote down a few key words for her that I would use to find articles and books. She ended up contacting the Basel library. Ironically they had huge range of books about my topic... All were in German.

Sources so far.

-I did manage to find some good information on Really good articles with people's stories in them

-The Ultimate Horse Lover written by Marty& Mikkel Becker, Audrey Pavia & Gina Spadafor has a really good story in it called 'Worth A Queen's Ransom' along with great general information about horses

-On the NARHA website I found some great information about the history of E.A.T.

-On I found a detailed list of the differences/ similarities between Hippo & general therapeutic riding

-A study done by Washington U about Hippotherapy at

-Autistic specific therapy at

-Disabled specific therapy at

Hopefully sometime next week I will be meeting with the owners of Hippotherapie Zentrum. I'm going to ask if I can volunteer with their therapy program as a side walker/ leader or just help around the barn with grooming and turning-out.

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