Friday, November 27, 2009

Second Half of the Writing Workshop.

The second half of the Writing Workshop was held today in the Aula. "Goal, AoI, link to the AoI, explain how you intend to fufil the goal, AoI, goal!" [1] We have been told this so many times, that I'm starting to understand that the AoI and goal are a very important part of the personal project. I took many notes over the course of the two writing workshops, and I find them very useful while I plan my outline and draft. The following is a summary of today's workshop:

Intro. 1-2 pages
Criteria A

- Can be broken into pieces, making sub-headers
- I can mention any other AoIs that my project relates to, (C&S) but only in one sentence
- The AoI is the driving force of the project, therefore I need to show an accute understanding of it

Description of the process. 2-3 pages
Criteria C

- Everything from initial ideas & finished product
- Including all aspects, giving reasons, NOT an alalysis
- Steps I took to achieve the goal

Analysis. Main body
Criteria D, E &F

1- The why, inspiration
- How effective was the research, understanding, in realtion to the goal and AoI

2- Analyse the process
- What worked, what didn't
- What was learned
- Which of your choices turned out to be good

3- Analyse the product in terms of the goal
- Did it turn out
- What did you learn
- What changed
- Improvements
- What could you have done differently

4- Chosen AoI
- How was it the focus
- Different aspects, that relate to the AoI
- What did you learn
- What does the project teach about the AoI
- Has your understanding of the AoI changed

Conclusion. 1 page
Criteria F

- Reflecting on the impact, re-writing the goal
- Goal > AoI > Research
*For you
*For others
*For the future: Careers, Extended essay etc..
- Suggest new perspectives
- Suggestion for others

Bibliography. (as needed)
Criteria B

- Includes all sources
- Using Noodle Tools
- Must have plenty of intext references
- Wide range of sources

Appendices. (as needed)
Criteria B

- Anything you feel will help the reader follow the process easier
- Time lines, statement of intent, key pieces of research
- Refer reader to correct appendix: "I made a timeline (See appendix 6)"
- Contains all evidence
- Contains extracts of the process journal

Criteria A includes the introduction, timelines, goal, AoI & aims. It needs to be very clear that all these things for criteria A are understood.

Criteria B includes the bibliography, referencing and appendices. All information and sorting of information needs to accurate and organised for criteria B.

Criteria C is how, what and why. Techniques that were used and justification is key. I need to prove how my choices were thought out, and how they benefited my project.

Criteria D focuses on reflection in the analysis. Personal response to the AoI and how it altered the project.

Criteria E is about the structure of the project. Page numbers, proof reading and how attractive the project looks. Not just handing it in with a paper clip.

Criteria F if mainly in the conclusion. How I thought about the goal, goal reflection and new perspectives.

Criteria G is assesed by the supervisor. It's based on enthusiasm, effort, passion and the monthly meetings held.

[1] Mr. Geraets, Second half of the Writing Workshop. November 2009

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